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The word investment has a clear financial definition, but in this channel we will talk about investment in a broader sense.

Financial investments (Wikipedia English. Investment) - the placement of capital for the purpose of making a profit. Investment is an integral part of the modern economy. Investments differ from loans in the degree of risk for the investor (lender) - the loan and interest must be returned within the agreed timeframe, regardless of the profitability of the project, investments (invested capital) are returned and generate income only in profitable projects. If the project is unprofitable, investments may be lost in whole or in part.
We will pay special attention to financial investments. Consider approaches to economics and investing in stocks, bonds, real estate, gold, currencies, etc.

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Investing in yourself is the action or inaction that helps us change. Actions can be very different. From the development of skills and competencies to the development of unique abilities.
In this section, we will reveal what actions you can take to develop yourself and your competencies.

Investing in children (environment) - actions or inactions that help us change children or our environment.
In this section, we will dwell on what tricks can help us influence children and the environment.

Investing in the world - we will change the world around us and begin to live better.
In this section, we will reveal what tricks you can apply to change the world around you.


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