Five Tibetan pearls

The technique with the poetic names "Five Tibetan Pearls", "Eye of Renaissance", or - in everyday life and in abbreviated form - "Tibetans", has long gone beyond the tradition in which it appeared, and is actively recruiting around the world striving for a healthy life and eternal youth.

The experience of the following "Eye of Renaissance" confirms the most daring expectations: the fulfillment of the "Tibetans" really gives harmonious outlines to both the body and thoughts. With this practice, the feeling of lightness of being ceases to be an empty (albeit beautiful) sound: the body becomes healthy and obedient, and the inner state becomes calm and joyful. It is believed that "pearls" trigger the body's natural self-regulation process better than any herbs, pills, etc. The countdown begins - and the person becomes younger in body and soul.

A to G

The Tibetan monks based the "Eye of Renaissance" on the principle of the work of the so-called vortices - the energy (or magnetic) centers of the human body. There are seven such "vortices": A and B - in the frontal and occipital regions of the brain, C - in the throat at the base of the neck, D - opposite the liver at the waist level, E - in the genital area, F and G - in the knees. Ideally, all "vortices" rotate quickly and at the same speed, but as soon as at least one of them slows down, the body immediately signals: "Something is wrong!" - and responds with pain in the corresponding area. The more "vortices" slows down or breaks down, the weaker - physically and mentally - a person feels. The "Tibetans" spin the "vortices" to the optimum speed and promote their synchronized rotation.

Ritual nature

Either regularity as a prerequisite for the performance of "pearls", or a special inner state with which you need to approach them, gave reason to call them "rituals." For practitioners of practice, this definition is not devoid of meaning: starting with three repetitions of each of the five "ritual" exercises, they gradually reach 21 times and no longer slow down. One of the most important conditions: you need to practice every day, without a single pass, otherwise write wasted - you will have to start everything from the very beginning. Although did anyone promise that the path to the cherished youth would be easy and carefree? ..

Ritual 1. Stand up straight, spread your arms to the sides at shoulder level, palms down. Start rotating slowly clockwise until you feel a little dizzy. At first, perform 3-5 turns, but gradually increase not only their number, but also the rotation speed.

211208 01

Ritual 2. Lie on your back and exhale. Press your palms to the floor. As you inhale, lift your head and press your chin to your chest. Keeping your pelvis on the floor, lift your absolutely straight legs up. As you exhale, slowly, without jerking, lower your legs and head to the floor. Relax.

211208 02

Ritual 3. Kneel down on the forefoot. Keep your knees and feet shoulder-width apart, palms on the back of your thighs. As you exhale, tilt your head forward and press your chin to your chest. As you inhale, pull your head back, resting your hands on your hips.

211208 03

Ritual 4. Sit on the floor with your legs extended in front of you. Put your palms on the floor, point your fingers forward. As you exhale, lower your head and press your chin to your chest. Inhaling, take your head back and at the same time lift your body horizontally to the floor. Tighten all your muscles, then relax.

211208 04

Ritual 5. Lie on the floor on your stomach. Put your palms and the front of your feet on the floor, and do not touch the floor with your knees. As you exhale, take your head back to the limit and bend. Then, as you inhale, arch your body so that it resembles a mountain. Press your chin to your chest.

211208 05