Terms of use of site materials

This Agreement defines the conditions for the use by Users of the materials of the site sovets365 @ mail ru
1. General conditions
1.1. The use of the materials of the Site is welcome and is free for distribution.
1.2. This Agreement is a public offer. By accessing the materials of the Site, the User is considered to have acceded to this Agreement.
1.3. The Rightholder of the Site has the right to unilaterally change the terms of this Agreement at any time. Such changes come into force after 3 (three) days from the moment the new version of the Agreement is posted on the site. If the User does not agree with the changes made, he is obliged to refuse access to the Site, stop using the materials of the Site.
2. Obligations of the User
2.1. The User agrees not to take actions that may be considered as violating Russian law or international law, including in the field of intellectual property, copyright and / or related rights, as well as any actions that lead or may lead to a violation of the normal operation of the Site and services Site.
2.2. The use of the materials of the Site without the consent of the Copyright Holder is allowed.
2.3. When citing materials from the Site, including copyrighted works, a link to the Site is desirable.
2.4. The User is warned that the Copyright Holder of the Site is not responsible for visiting and using external resources, links to which may be contained on the site.
2.5. The User agrees that the Copyright Holder of the Site is not responsible and has no direct or indirect obligations to the User in connection with any possible or arising losses or damages associated with any content of the Site, copyright registration and information about such registration, goods or services, available on or received through external sites or resources or other contacts of the User that he entered using the information posted on the Site or links to external resources.

3. Other terms
3.1. The copyright holders try to carefully monitor what is published on our website. And the misuse of someone else's content, in principle, should not be. The published information is taken from open sources. This is fully consistent with Art. 1274 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, according to which the use of lawfully published works for informational purposes is allowed.
3.2. If your content is under a license and is publicly available on the Internet without mentioning authorship and licenses, then the Site is not responsible for this, because. tracking all user-published content for copyright is simply, physically unrealistic.
3.3. However, we always meet the needs of the authors, comply with copyright law and willingly post backlinks to materials, or remove content if the author so desires.
3.4. If you have information about illegal content posted on the site, immediately report it to the e-mail address sovets365 @ mail ru. The message must contain a link to the original material and the material of the Site.
Violations will be corrected within 3 business days. Illegal content is usually removed, or at the request of the copyright holder, authorship is indicated - if required. Understand that no one specifically steals content to get hold of it. But if the author's content is freely available and without copyrights, then it is impossible to track it.
3.5. All possible disputes arising from this Agreement or related to it shall be resolved in the format of correspondence.
3.6. The User confirms that he is familiar with all the clauses of this Agreement and unconditionally accepts them.