Try to take whatever happens for 24 hours.

Try to accept whatever happens for twenty-four hours. Someone has offended you - accept it without reacting in any way and watch what happens. Suddenly, you will feel a flow of energy that you have never felt before. When someone insults you, you usually feel weak, you lose your calm and start thinking about how to get revenge. This person has hooked you, and now you will be making circles. For days, nights, months, whole years, you will not be able to sleep, you will have bad dreams. People spend their whole lives on sheer nonsense just because someone has offended them.

Look back in time and you will remember something. You were a small child and the teacher in the class called you an idiot; you still remember and hold a grudge. Father said something ... your parents have long forgotten, and even if you remind them, they will not understand what it was about. Mother did not look at you that way, and this wound has survived to this day, open, alive; if anyone touches it, you will explode. Don't help this wound get bigger. Don't let her occupy your whole soul. Go to the roots, be with the whole. Twenty-four hours - only twenty-four hours - no matter what happens, try not to react, not to resist.

You will feel a new surge of energy that you have never known before, a new surge of vitality coming from the very roots. And once you know, feel this taste, how your life will change. You will laugh at all the complete nonsense that occupied you, at all the insults, reactions, revenge with which you destroyed yourself.

Nobody can destroy you except yourself; no one can save you but yourself.

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